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“Prepare to be inspired by what is possible when you make a commitment to yourself and follow the systems provided in Thrive Academy Programs...”
 “We really believe that people who make a big difference in the lives of others should be paid well for it...and be able to earn a GREAT living.”
 -Jesse Koren & Sharla Jacobs
“I'm being flown around the country to speak to women's groups...”
"Before I took Thrive Academy Programs, I was struggling to pay my bills and wondering... where the heck are my clients? I so badly wanted to make a difference, but I didn't know how to market myself and felt completely intimidated and afraid.

Jesse and Sharla helped me learn how to sell packages and enroll people in long term programs, and now just a few years later, I have a multiple six figure business... coaching women entrepreneurs to become the leaders and teachers they are here to be.
“My practice doubled and my 5 year business plan will be executed in 1 ½ years.”
“Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I was struggling with filling my practice. Even though I had excellent and unique services to offer, potential patients were still hesitant.

I was frustrated and didn't know what to do. I had been trained well to do my work but I didn't have any business training.
“I went from earning $20,000 a year to earning $20,000 a month!!”
“Before working with Jesse and Sharla,I was the founder and operator of a gift-based healing center. As much as I loved this innovative model I was guided by my intuition to convert to a cash-based Naturopathic healing practice. Within a week of saying “Yes!” to my intuition, I was gifted a ticket to Jesse and Sharla’s Thrive Client Attraction Summit.
"This is such great fun!”
"Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I was doing 2 healing sessions a week. My clients were getting phenomenal results, however without any concept of marketing, I was not able to reach my audience. I felt like I was wasting my gifts and I was dipping into family funds to keep my practice going.

I accepted an invitation to listen to Sharla’s teleseminar. As I listened intently, all the puzzle pieces started to fall into place and I could envision my practice growing. As Sharla spoke, I tapped into her energy and found her to be filled with sincere integrity. I immediately signed up for the Client Attraction Summit, knowing I had found a mentor.
“This will be my third month in a row making over $10,000.”
Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I was stuck at an imaginary ceiling in my business, even though I had helped change thousands of lives with my work, both online and in person, my income had stalled and my group classes had fizzled. After 23 years in the coaching industry I felt defeated and frustrated. My clients loved me, I was getting them great results, I just wasn't attracting enough clients.
“From a sales slump to almost $20,000 in 8 days!”
“Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I had many business successes but recognized that something wasn’t working.

My results were inconsistent and I couldn’t see what I was doing wrong.
“Doubled my monthly income to $11,000+ within 3 months!”
"Before joining Thrive Academy I had experienced three traumatic life events: breast cancer, divorce, and a loss of my office I had worked from for 15 years. My private practice took a big hit, and I became frightened that I would not be able to support myself and my daughters. Slowly but surely, I moved through depression and rebuilt my practice, but there was very little left over month after month and college for my daughters loomed in the not too distant future.
“My free consultation clients are now saying yes to working with me!”
“Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I was struggling with getting new clients. Even once I had a free consultation with them, I was not having them say yes because I was not asking the next question: are you ready to work with me?

I was feeling fear and stress about how I was going to pay my bills and pay off my debt.
“Last month I made $25,000!”
“I have studied with several other well-known marketing mentors. While I learned valuable info, none of them gave me the complete step-by-step system to build and grow my business. I began to feel disheartened and wondered if I could really make it in business
“My full time "hobby" turned into a thriving practice.”
“I've been a massage therapist in solo practice for 16 years. Before working with Jesse & Sharla, I struggled for years to get more than 8-10 clients a week and to earn more than $40,000 a year. Even though I was told over and over again how good I was, I started wondering if I was ever going to have a practice that was more than a full time "hobby."
“My business is thriving…earning over $500,000 last year and growing!”
“Working with Jesse and Sharla has been critical for my business. They taught me how to have Heartselling conversations where over 50% of the potential clients I talk with turn into high-end coaching clients.
 “In my zone of genius...”
"When I came to the Summit I had this idea that I wanted to build a company called EQ Schools that provides training to educators on mindfulness, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and the importance of play. I had a certain sense of belief in my ability, but it wasn’t cemented in. The idea that I could have a big impact required me to fully believe in myself, and I wasn’t there yet. I already had opportunities to speak, with my biggest gig paying $2k, but I couldn’t see the business structure as one that would allow me to walk away from the classroom.
“I went from one client to 5 long term clients within a few weeks of Client Attraction Mastery and had my first $10,000 month!”
When I first started my business, I didn’t know how to get clients. I wanted to become a speaker but I felt so shy that I wouldn’t even raise my hand to share when I was in a small workshop.
"We’re now making over $200,000 a year in a brand new business."
“When we came to Thrive, we had a pretty successful private practice, but we were working so hard, we hadn’t taken a vacation in years! If we didn’t see patients, we didn’t make money and couldn’t maintain our lifestyle.
“$40k in 3 months... in a completely new country”
"Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I had just begun working with a business coach 1:1 to make my business work.

I don’t live in the US, and was there for vacation when I found out about Thrive just a few days before the Client Attraction Summit. I flew there because a friend I trusted recommended it and after watching each one of Sharla’s videos, I decided to attend. I made a promise to myself that to make it worth it, I needed to play full out and hit certain targets I set. The heart-centered strategist there that day made me feel connected and honored in ways that other seminar assistants from other events hadn't, and I felt the genuineness in the community and the work and magic that was happening incredibly alluring... I was curious and took a huge leap of faith! It was so worth it.
“My income went from $1,000 to $15,000 a month and it’s still growing!”
“My income went from $1,000 to $15,000 per month and my business has been continually growing for the past 4 years since I started working with Jesse and Sharla. I used to have a fear of making and having money, but now I can make money without feeling anxious or guilty.
“I made over 1 million dollars in my business!”
“When I first met Jesse and Sharla, my health was seriously compromised because I was overworking myself at a stressful job that didn't fulfill me. I knew I wanted to start a business...but I didn't know where to begin. I signed up for all of the Thrive Academy Programs and within 1 year I made almost six figures.
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Privacy Policy: We take your privacy very seriously. We will not share your information with anyone, for any reason. 
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