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Success Stories

Many of our members have become Transformational Leaders. They’re making a huge difference in other people’s lives and are reporting months where they’re consistently making $10,000 or more.

Read below to hear their stories and prepare to be inspired…

“I went from one client to 5 long term clients within a few weeks of Client Attraction Mastery and had my first $10,000 month!”

When I first started my business, I didn’t know how to get clients. I wanted to become a speaker but I felt so shy that I wouldn’t even raise my hand to share when I was in a small workshop.

In Thrive Academy Programs, I was able to breakthrough my fear. Shortly after, I accepted an invitation to speak in front of a large audience. Because I had their step-by-step system, my business went from $45,000 to $250,000 in that first year.

Just a few years later, I’m an internationally sought after speaker and well known thought leader in the world of holistic nutrition. I’m a published author and have been on TV. The best part is that I was able to set my business up to have the freedom to fully focus on being with my daughter for the first year of her life.”

Rose Cole, Holistic Nutrition Coach


“My business is thriving…earning over $500,000 last year and growing!”

“Working with Jesse and Sharla has been critical for my business. They taught me how to have Heartselling conversations where over 50% of the potential clients I talk with turn into high-end coaching clients.

And I can lead any teleseminar, speaking gig or live event with confidence because of the Thrive templates. At my recent live event, I made $55,000 and lives were changed.

My business is thriving… earning over $500,000 last year and growing!

RitaMarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN


“Within a few months, …I stopped being afraid to talk about money and 90% of the people who came to me for the first time committed to at least 10 sessions!”

“Before I started working with Jesse and Sharla, I was at the top of the chart in terms of experience and expertise… and near the bottom in terms of getting clients into my holistic practice.

I was ready to give up, but managed to come to the Client Attraction Summit with an open mind… and in those two days, I changed course and started moving in the direction I wanted to go.

Within a few months, I was getting results that astonished me -- when I stopped being afraid to talk about money, 90% of the people who came to me for the first time committed to at least 10 sessions!

When Jesse told me that there were two ways I could have a big impact even if I lived in a small town -- travel or get on the phone --  I took the Six Figure Speaker approach and immediately scheduled my first webinar. The speaker templates that helped me write my first script still form the basis of my presentations on line and from the stage.

Over time, there's been a shift in what I offer and who I work with -- and the skills I learned in Thrive's programs continue to give me a concrete basis for success.

My daughters are grown and live in Canada and Turkey, so a big part of my "Big WHY" has to do with having time and resources to be with them. In 2013, I broke the $10,000 a month mark 3 times, even though I spent nearly 3 months with my girls! It just wouldn't have happened without Jesse and Sharla and their dedication to give deeply from their hearts in every Thrive program.”

Allison Rapp

“I'm being flown around the country to speak to women's groups...”

"Before I took Thrive Academy Programs, I was struggling to pay my bills and wondering... where the heck are my clients? I so badly wanted to make a difference, but I didn't know how to market myself and felt completely intimidated and afraid.

Jesse and Sharla helped me learn how to sell packages and enroll people in long term programs, and now just a few years later, I have a multiple six figure business... coaching women entrepreneurs to become the leaders and teachers they are here to be.

As a result of my success, I'm being flown around the country to speak to women's groups and entrepreneurs, and getting the chance to network with and share the stage with some of the women I've been looking up to for years. Thank you, Jesse and Sharla, for what you provide, it's so needed.”

Sage Lavine, Conscious Women's Business Mentor


 “My income went from $1,800 to $15,000 per month…”

"Before I came to the Client Attraction Summit, I used to sit in my office and hope clients would miraculously come to me by referrals. If I did have a conversation with clients after they came, I would be so grateful that they trusted me and came to me, that I felt bad charging and would give them a huge discount on everything.

Then I took the Client Attraction Summit 2 Day Intensive and I learned so much. I went from a 12’ x 12’ office and $1,800 per month to an office with four treatment rooms and between $15,000 per month in income.”

Since then I am a women's health expert for First, O, Shape, and Prevention magazines and have been featured on FOX NEWS NATIONALLY and CW stations in Denver. I’m currently working on my second PH.D in Counseling.”

Cammi Balleck, Ph.D
Steamboat Springs, CO

“My full time "hobby" turned into a thriving practice.”

“I've been a massage therapist in solo practice for 16 years. Before working with Jesse & Sharla, I struggled for years to get more than 8-10 clients a week and to earn more than $40,000 a year. Even though I was told over and over again how good I was, I started wondering if I was ever going to have a practice that was more than a full time "hobby."

I signed up for Client Attraction Mastery with Jesse & Sharla and even before the program was over, my client load jumped to over 25 a week. Because I learned the power of defining my niche and boldly (yet from a place of service, connection, and heart) asking my clients to re-book before they left the office, my clients were returning for more sessions.

I was soon booked 2-3 weeks in advance. I was able to raise my rates by the end of the year and hire 2 other therapists to work for me to take my client overflow. My full time "hobby" turned into a thriving practice.

It has now been two years since working with Jesse & Sharla and each year since Mastery, I have made over six figures in my business and regularly have over $10,000 months with my best month hitting over $15,000. My practice is 90% referral based so I do very little marketing. I have also structured my schedule so I see clients 4 days a week and have my evenings and weekends free. I love my work and my life!!

I have such deep gratitude for Jesse & Sharla and their amazing support team. Thank you, thank you!!”

Randy Lind, Certified Massage Therapist

JennAugust“I’ve created an internationally recognized brand...”

“Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I didn’t know how to market myself. I just knew I wanted to serve. After working with them, I grew my business to six figures and started speaking internationally. I was invited to interview the biggest names in the industry: Jack Canfield, Marcia Weider, Janet Atwood, and many more.

I’ve created an internationally recognized brand helping business owners remove their blocks to create profitable businesses. My biggest month so far has been $55,000.”

Jenn August

“I made over 1 million dollars in my business!”

“When I first met Jesse and Sharla, my health was seriously compromised because I was overworking myself at a stressful job that didn't fulfill me. I knew I wanted to start a business...but I didn't know where to begin. I signed up for all of the Thrive Academy Programs and within 1 year I made almost six figures.

Now just 6 years later, I lead live events, group programs and home study courses that have each generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. I love being able to work from home in my yoga pants.

This year, I made over 1 million dollars in my business! The best part is, I'm totally fulfilled by the difference I’m making, and I get to go on the best vacations like surfing in Costa Rica.

Thrive Academy gave me the courage, support and know-how to get my business off the ground and running successfully. I highly recommend their excellent, incredibly valuable training programs!”

Vrinda Normand, The Irresistible Online Marketing Mentor

“I’ve gone from overwhelm to the ease of six figures.”

“After 10 years in my shamanic practice, I knew I was holding priceless wisdom, but I was struggling to grow my business and burning out.

I was guided to join Thrive Academy Lifetime because I wanted to grow my business in a heartfelt way with like-minded practitioners.

I'm amazed at how my business has grown! I now teach workshops all over the U.S. I’ve gone from overwhelm to the ease of six figures. I earned $15,000 in November in referrals alone! And this has allowed me to finally own a Retreat Center.”

Dani Burling, Shamanic Trainer

“(I)...increased my mailing list by 2,500 (including people in 35 countries) and brought in $20,000 in just two months.”

"Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I wasn't sure how to really share my expertise in a way that people actually GOT IT and were compelled to work with me.

Through their programs, I've become clear about my expertise and who I can most help, I've created an information product that positions me as an expert, and I'm leading teleseminars that impact people all over the globe.

I just hosted my first virtual event where I interviewed 21 successful industry leaders. This was HUGE and put me and my business on the map. I'm now connected with influential leaders and this project increased my mailing list by 2,500 (including people in 35 countries) and brought in $20,000 in just two months.

Thank you, Jesse and Sharla!”

Alison Marks, MA, CFSC

Jodee Chizever“More money, closer friends, a community that “gets” me – what could be better!”

“Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I was charging very little for my services, doing a lot of barter, and was unsure of how to get clients.

I went to networking events…some people were interested but it rarely led to new clients. When people were interested I would tell them how much a charged (which looking back was very little!) and they hemmed and hawed…leading me to feel bad and cut my rates even more! Needless to say my business was NOT self supporting.

In Client Attraction Mastery, I learned how to put together my “What do you do statement”. Now I feel much more confident that when I say what I do people instantly think of someone that I can help. I can honestly say that shifting how I talk about what I do is what has made a huge shift in my business.

My life has never been better and I owe much of this to Thrive Academy. My business is very successful. So much so that last year I had two $10,000 months. I would never have imagined this before! I have joined Lifetime and fly out from New Jersey, my business paying for this easily, and love spending time with my Thrive Tribe. Many of my closest friends are in this community and I could not imagine my life otherwise! More money, closer friends, a community that “gets” me – what could be better!”

Jodee Chizever

CarolDaly“I went from making $1,000 to $10,200 a month!!”

“Before I came to Thrive, I had been in business for 12 years. But I was only barely able to cover my bills each month. I had the same car for 12 years and was only able to take vacations to my sister’s house in Sacramento because I couldn’t afford to do anything else.

Signing up for the Client Attraction Mastery program was BIG stretch for me. And I am so glad I took that leap of faith!

Within 90 days, I had my first month where I made $8,169! The best part was that shortly after the program my only daughter was getting married. And I was able to add thousands more dollars to her wedding!

At the end of that year, my mom was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. I stepped away from my business to support her. After she was well again I went back to my business and I was down to making only $1,000 that month. 

But I had the tools from Client Attraction Mastery. Within 90 days I was back up to $8,648 per month. Recently had my first month where I made $10,200.

I feel so grateful to Thrive for providing me with the tools to guarantee I can make six figures every year. I consistently make great money doing what I love!

Carol Daly, CHT, MRET

“I'm making six figures and my bank account is growing without me getting out of my PJs!”

“I've been a fitness trainer since 1996 and before working with Jesse and Sharla I was working hard teaching 10+ classes a week and making $75,000/year. I didn't think a fitness trainer could make money without being a celebrity, showing up for class or to a client's home to teach. Was I wrong!

After working with Jesse and Sharla, I now have an information product (5 Keys to Creating a Fitness Program You Love) and have just launched a Free "Women Getting Fit" Wellness Teleseminar series. I'm seeing money come in without leaving my home and sometimes I just can't believe it!!

If it wasn't for Thrive I'd be teaching for the rest of my life, feeling stuck without any clue how to create the dream life my heart was longing for. Now, I'm making six figures and my bank account is growing without me getting out of my PJs!”

Michelle Melendez

“Jesse and Sharla took me step by step through a process that has transformed my business and my life.”

“Before I worked with Jesse and Sharla, I was really frustrated with my business. It felt like a much beloved hobby. I put in a lot of effort, time and expense but could only get it going in a part time (very part time) fashion. I felt quite defeated and well, hopeless about being able to do the work that I loved and also make a bigger impact in the world.

My life is totally different after working with Jesse and Sharla. Now I know how to have conversations with potential clients and feel excited about them... instead of worried or fearful! I actually LOVE those conversations and so do my potential clients. I get so many "thank you's" afterwards, and of course, CLIENTS.

My schedule is full now with clients that I love, who pay me what my programs are worth, and I'm motivated and inspired to continue to grow with my business. I’m consistently earning at least five figures each month, with my best months averaging around $15,000.

It's such a radical transformation for me and has considerably added to my confidence and quality of life. I feel I can contribute so much more to my family and be there for them because I can make my own schedule, and this truly means the world to me.

I also feel so much hope and optimism that this is just the beginning for my vision. I am daring to dream again and know now how to ask for support in creating that dream!

Jesse and Sharla took me step by step through a process that has transformed my business and my life. I'm looking forward to what happens next! You two believed in me when I was in crisis. You saw a bigger vision and I believed in you to coach me through it.

I love you guys and my gratitude is immense for the work that you do. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.”

Sandy Zeldes

Pam Middleton"I made $16,000 in 5 weeks!!!"

"Before working with Jesse and Sharla I was struggling to fill my part-time schedule with cash paying patients. I also desired to create additional income without having to see patients one-on-one full time.

During the Client Attraction Mastery program I had my best month ever! I not only filled my part-time schedule but had to expand my hours to accommodate new patients. I also learned the importance of tracking my numbers which was something that I resisted in the past. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that I made $16,000 in 5 weeks! I am also on track for creating additional income streams around my passion for health and wellness. Thanks Jesse and Sharla for helping me to realize that my goals are well within my reach!"

Pam Middleton, MD
Holistic Pediatrician

“Thrive Academy...has saved us thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars.”

“Last December, I got inspired to create a coaching and seminar business... My plan was to lock myself away for 6 months and design programs we would sell online and at seminars. We were on a fast track to spend tens of thousands of dollars on creating these products with the huge risk that maybe people wouldn't even buy the finished programs!

We invested in Thrive Academy and it has saved us thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars.

In fact, our expectations have been exceeded over and over again. The content, design, integrity and awesomeness of their programs are incomparable!

Now, less than one year later, we have an “8-Week Easy Cash-Flow” Intensive to sell online, sales letters completed, website being re-vamped, two new programs created and running with paid participants.

We started less than a year ago with zero clients in our new business and are at six figures already - with over half in recurring monthly fees! We are already making between $15,000 and $20,000 per month.

We simply could not have done this without Sharla and Jesse. They are the real deal and are with you every step of the way. They are more than trainers - we love them dearly as they've changed our lives immensely.”

Mark Holland

“Last month I made $25,000!”

“I have studied with several other well-known marketing mentors. While I learned valuable info, none of them gave me the complete step-by-step system to build and grow my business. I began to feel disheartened and wondered if I could really make it in business.

After being in Thrive Academy, I got clear about my niche, the value I bring to my clients, and I created a coaching program. Last month I made $25,000! And 5 of the last 7 potential clients I talked with said YES (at $6,000 each)!

I'm so grateful to have the tools to grow my business. It has enabled me to serve more people and has freed me to spend time doing what I do best.

Lynn Rousseau, MSOD, PCC

Petra Mayer“I went from one client to 5 long term clients within a few weeks of Client Attraction Mastery and had my first $10,000 month!”

"Before working with Jesse and Sharla I basically had no coaching clients to speak of. My practice was pretty much reduced to one corporate client while I was running around the Vancouver networking circle in the desperate attempt to launch my coaching business. My elevator pitch resulted in puzzled looks and polite conversation but no engagement, no referrals and for sure no bookings. 

In the Client Attraction Mastery program I learned about the five energies, where my strengths are and where I can expand. I also received templates and tools that changed the core of my business, my introduction statements, and my positioning. Following these templates resulted in immediate success

I changed my networking strategy to generate new leads and partnerships. I totally repositioned my services and my expertise and quickly signed up 5 long-term coaching clients. I also created a signature talk and stepped on the stage of a local networking Meet-Up for the first time. 

I was so proud when I stepped on the Thrive stage as one of the top 10 success stories for the Client Attraction Game and I am well positioned to achieve my personal revenue goal of $36K during the 90-day game period. Being a member of a very strong and caring community has also given me access to many amazing relationships and supporting and healing conversations. I am facing my inability to acknowledge my own successes head-on with the support of members of this amazing community.

I am now well positioned to multiply these results during Leverage! Thanks Sharla and Jesse and the Thrive Team and Community for all the support and for showing me that I can do it!"

Petra Mayer

Nadia Shapiro1“I had to raise my rates 3 times in 3 months due to being overbooked!”

"Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I had been stuck in my business and had a dream of developing a program to help inspire women to live the life of their dreams.  I was making decent money, but it wasn’t anything to write home about.  Every month was the same and I had no idea how to break that ceiling.  I had a dream of doing something big, but had no idea how to get there.  When I met Jesse and Sharla, I realized this was my path to creating my dream business.

During the programs, I launched my new coaching business working with women who are stuck in their careers and know they have a bigger purpose, I help them discover their life purpose and turn it into a thriving business.  I had to raise my rates 3 times in three months due to being overly booked.  Each month since I have been enrolled in platinum has been a record breaking month.  They make everything easy to follow.  All I have to do, is do what they say and it works every time. 

Now that I am completely booked with one on one clients I am launching my dream group program this month.  I am on track to leaving my job in 2 months and couldn’t be happier."

Nadia Shapiro

Doris Pickering“From using Heartselling I’m now on the path to meet my aggressive financial goals!”

"Before joining the Thrive Community I was enjoying some success with my Speaker and Presentation Training business, but was not reaching my admittedly aggressive financial goals that I had put in place. My intent was to at least replace my 6 figure High Tech salary – and while I was on the path to double the amount of income I'm making in this second year in business over my first, I still had a ways to go!

I loved working with the awesome Heart Selling Conversation templates - I modified them to make them reflect my own personality and style. Having the structure of those templates was so perfect for me, because in my speaker training business I provide a structure for my clients and an opportunity to practice and become comfortable speaking and presenting.  And Jesse and Sharla did an amazing job of showing us how easy and natural the conversations can be!

As a result of having a lot of Heart Selling Conversations in the past 3 months, my first ever VIP Successful Speaker Master Class is now 75% full!  This is a 6 month program at $3000. It is a very hands on, in person program, and participants walk away with their very own 10, 15 and 30 minute speeches created, practiced, delivered and filmed!

While I was making money with my private clients and workshops, the money I’m making from this one VIP course is really setting me on the path to meet my financial goal!

On top of this, experiencing the breakthrough transformations Jessie and Sharla provide has enabled me to help people at a much deeper level than before I started their programs. What a truly valuable gift!"

Doris Pickering

lisa_platske“From a sales slump to almost $20,000 in 8 days!”

“Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I had many business successes but recognized that something wasn’t working.

My results were inconsistent and I couldn’t see what I was doing wrong.

In the Client Attraction Mastery program, I learned how to systematize my selling in a way that felt good to me. I also recognized that there was an element in the sales process that I struggled with and without it, my potential clients weren’t given an opportunity to say “yes”.

As a result of completing the program, I not only walked away with new tools, but I was able to transition from a sales slump to almost $20,000 with just 8 days of work in the 1st month!

Lisa Marie Platske

JillCohen“I went from $35,000 a year to $12,250 a month!”

“Before working with Thrive Academy, I was seeing on average 12 clients/week. The most I had earned in one year was $35,000. I knew what I offered--permanent, holistic allergy elimination-- was valuable, yet I struggled with what to charge and how to talk about what I do. I felt discouraged and somewhat hopeless that my work eliminating allergies would develop beyond hobby status.

Through the Thrive Academy training programs I learned how to confidently, attractively position myself.   I doubled my practice immediately in 2012 and each year my income has significantly increased.

I’m most proud of the Speaker training I did with Thrive because I went from choosing to be the “invisible woman” to shining on stage, speaking to several hundred women at the WOW Women’s Conference. Not only did I widen my reach with that one speaking gig, I also discovered I love to speak!

We’ve closed out our best year so far and celebrated our first $12,250 month in July.

I’m so grateful to Jesse, Sharla and the Thrive community!”

Jill Cohn, DC

“I now have FEWER CLIENTS but I make MORE MONEY than ever.”

Before I started working with Jesse and Sharla, I wanted to learn how to get more clients but did not feel very inspired with my business.

Since I've started with them, I've led my first teleseminar. 300 people signed up for the call and on that call I filled my first group program making $12,000. It's a great feeling seeing the orders come in after the call...

Now I'm offering my first online event, the Super Women Summit, a networking Telesummit. I am inviting the most successful Super Women to share their secrets about their "Super Powers" and have women network with each other on the live calls.

I also created a business retreat where I am taking my clients to Tuscany. It's almost sold out and has turned into another six figure business venture.

And I signed my highest paying client this year with a $30,000 retainer.

It's been a year since I joined the Thrive programs and I now have FEWER CLIENTS but I make MORE MONEY than ever.

Thank you, Sharla, Jesse and the whole Thrive team for this amazing journey!!!”

Vinca von Muhlenberg

Gary_Salyer“Connection matters more than anything. I went from $500 a month to $12,500 a month!”

“Before investing with Jesse and Sharla, I was feeling totally lost and not so hopeful that I could establish myself in the love and relationships field. Utterly lost and overwhelmed were the major feelings I faced each day. Three years ago, I was a multi-talented coach who was underutilized and earning about $500 a month. Last month, I made $12,500.

Looking back now, the biggest lesson and gift I learned was during Six Figure Speaker. As a graduate professor, I never really had to worry that much about connection or managing the arc of energy in the room. The more I practiced ‘connection matters more than anything’, the more success came to me.

At my last event, there were several times when I could have lost control of the energy in the room. There was a lot of concern in the room about having a photographer. Some felt it not safe. Before, I might not have noticed that enough. Or, I might not have ‘danced’ with that concern enough throughout the weekend. The result of paying attention to the energy in the room was a very successful event. One person left saying it was “one of the best and most heart felt workshops they I have ever attended.”

I treasure all that I learned about ‘connection matters more than anything.’ It not only changed my business, but it transformed ME. I like myself way better and all of my relationships, not just on stage or in business, feel more fulfilling!

From my heart, Jesse and Sharla, I thank you for being such strong leaders in my village of support. Much love to you both!”

Gary D. Salyer, Ph.D

“I lead workshops all around the world - from Austin to Amsterdam, Berlin to Budapest...”

“Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I felt like I was always chasing after clients. I averaged 4 clients/month and was making just enough to avoid going back to a J-O-B. I knew I was great at helping men transform their love lives and become much more confident dating, but I was stressed out and never really knew how to sell in a way that felt right to me.

Through the Client Attraction Mastery program, I learned Heartselling and started looking forward to my sales calls because I knew there was a good chance my potential clients were going to sign up and pay me handsomely for my services. After taking Six Figure Speaker, I also started leading free introductory workshops. My confidence as a speaker has grown, and I lead workshops all around the world - from Austin to Amsterdam, Berlin to Budapest, and LA to London.

My business has more than tripled - within 3 months after starting their programs I was seeing 15 clients/month and earning six figures. My best month so far has been $43,000. I've grown so much I needed to hire a team to help me. My business is nearing the half million mark and I’m consistently making six figures per year. Thank you, Thrive!

Robbie Kramer

“My most recent workshop was standing room only and my sales totaled over $90,000!”

"Before working with Jesse & Sharla, I was struggling as a single mom to pay grocery bills and make my car payment. I had previously been very successful as a Chiropractor and a bad car accident left me unable to practice, divorced and barely making ends meet in a crummy sales job. I was stressed out, unhappy and wondering if I would ever really make it…

It was a huge leap of faith for me to sign up for the first course but I dreamed of a different life and hoped that this would be the answer.

Since then I created my Character Code System, launched my membership site, filled my workshops, my private coaching practice and my VIP programs. I’ve attracted press, publicity, speaking/book agents and was recently featured on NBC Talk Radio. I co-hosted an International Social Media & Sales Telesummit with 18 phenomenal speakers.
Hollywood is looking at my Character Code System right now and I have 2 books in front of publishers. At a recent speaking event I made over $4,200 in just 12 minutes and $20,000 in sales in 4 weeks. I also had the joy of walking into the bank and paying off that car loan... Whoo-Hoo! Can I just say that yes, life is different now!

And the success keeps coming. My most recent workshop was standing room only and my sales totaled over $90,000!

Best of all, I get to spend more time with my daughter than ever before and yes…I get 8 hours of sleep a night!

I remember sitting in my first workshop with Jesse and Sharla and realizing that they aren’t just interested in teaching us information, they want us to really go out there and succeed. They give so much from valuable content to emotional support to templates to technical details… [Thrive] is the ticket to success!

Thank you and much love to Jesse, Sharla and the entire [Thrive] Team!!"

Brandy Mychals

“I've been at SIX FIGURES for 22 months straight now since I started training at Thrive!”

"Before Thrive Academy, my income fluctuated between $5,000 - $8,000/month and my business was local or in the U.S. only. I felt frustrated because I wanted to reach more people but didn't know how to take my business to the next level.

Within ONE month of working with Jesse and Sharla I reached six figures, and have been at six figures for 22 months straight now since I started training at Thrive! Their Get Leverage program helped me double the number of students enrolled in my programs and increased sales for my home study course.

And I now have an INTERNATIONAL business! Using the Heartselling I learned in Client Attraction Mastery, I enrolled many new VIP clients, including in Europe and Asia, and women fly in from all over the world for my trainings.

My latest celebration is the success of my first telesummit I co-hosted. Over 5,000 people registered! We interviewed best-selling speakers like Sonia Choquette, Alan Cohen, Margaret Lynch and Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks and brought in over $30,000! I tripled my list in 2 months and I continue to build JV relationships with TOP transformational experts. I even host a monthly interview series, "Love, Spirit & Success" with luminaries in personal growth, spirituality and business.

I can't wait to see where my business goes, and grows, next! Thank you, Jesse and Sharla!"

Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, CHT, RM, The Prosperous Goddess™

“I quit my job and went full time in my own business and then soared to six figures that year.”

"Before coming to Thrive Academy, I was struggling to get my business started. I had chronic fatigue, insomnia, and a full time job, which meant that I only had nights and weekends to try to get my business off the ground.

Jesse and Sharla taught me Heartselling, and how to start a workshop business. I integrated this (with my own tools and style) and built a full practice in a month and a half. I quit my job and went full time in my own business and then soared to six figures that year. In that same year I spent 4 months traveling internationally!

I now have a thriving business where I've helped thousands of people, get to travel as much as I want, and make money doing what I love while helping others do the same!"

Dana Garrison

“ business went from $40,000 to $100,000 in one year.”

"When I came to the Client Attraction Summit in 2008, I had $0 in my checking account, $400 in savings, and no credit. I was really scared and losing hope that my business would ever really take off.

Before the first day of the workshop was even over, I realized why I was broke. It wasn't my "craft" that was the problem. The problem was that I didn't know how to communicate what I did to people in a way that they could understand.

So I signed up for the Client Attraction Mastery program and learned Heartselling... and within a few months I got some new clients and my business went from $40,000 to $100,000 in one year.

Now I'm running a six figure business with private clients, a rockin' group program with people I LOVE, and I'm ready to launch a membership organization that I feel more excited and passionate about than anything I've ever done. Thank you, Thrive!"

Anastasia Netri

Kate_Winch“I'm no longer feeling burned out…and am feeling excited to grow my business.”

Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I was rather clueless when it came to marketing my business. I also had this tendency to push hard and then burn out, and was in the burned out place with my business. I was so ready to take my business to the next level but just didn't know how to do that without burning out even more.

Through Jesse and Sharla's programs, I learned leveraged marketing strategies so I am more consistent and more effective in my actions! My workshops, group programs and packages are attracting more people than ever before. And the best thing is that I'm no longer feeling burned out - I now have a clear plan of action and am feeling excited to grow my business. I recently made over $10,600 in one month!

I love this community, too! Thank you so much Jesse and Sharla!”

Kate Winch

“Thrive Academy...helped me triple my practice in under 3 weeks...”

Before I met Jesse and Sharla, I had quit my six figure corporate job and trained as a coach, but nobody had told me how hard it was going to be to get clients. I didn't know who I was trying to reach, and I was so desperate, and undefined in my focus that I was chatting up people in the grocery store line as my potential clients. People were avoiding me, and I was broke.

During the Thrive Academy courses, not only did I learn practical tools, tips, and solid practices that helped me triple my practice in under 3 weeks, I did deep inner work that cleared out years of blocks around money. And best yet, I learned how to speak to a room and convert my words into dollars.

Making $18,000 in a weekend is thousands of times better than making a little over that in a year. It's been just over a year, and I expect to earn six figures teaching small business owners how to create hot brands that attract more of the right kinds of clients. Thank you, Thrive Academy, for giving me my life back!

Sage Lee, Small Business Big Brand

“I am now the person on stage who can count on a rush to the back of the room.”

"Today was a life-changing moment. I got my dream here... The selling part of my talk was the funnest part! I got this rush to the back of the room. There were about 80-100 people in the room and 80-90% of the room ran to the back. I am now the person on stage who can count on a rush to the back of the room. Can you imagine how powerful that is? It's a whole new level of confidence. And I know I can count on that. Since then, my biggest earning month has been over $74,000."

Morgana Rae, Charmed Life Coach and Money Goddess

“I’ve already earned $2,231 by speaking for less than 2 minutes on stage!”

“Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I was struggling to find myself as an author, creator and presenter who was not just creative but successful, too. I knew I had a calling but I didn't know what it was or what it looked like. I had a few consistent clients who were covering some of my bills but I had no reliable way to build my business. How I got clients was somewhere between "magic" and "accident.” I felt like I had no control.

Through their Client Attraction Mastery and Get Leverage programs, I became clearer about my value and how to create and deliver something of great value. I made $18,861 in one month! Now I have the skills and proof that I can be creative and successful!

Through their Six Figure Speaker program I learned how to successfully make an offer from stage. I’ve already earned $2,231 by speaking for less than 2 minutes on stage! This launched my first successful group program, which I turned into a hot home study course I can sell again and again. My business vision is evolving and most importantly, I feel solid and grateful every day because I get to do what I love and BE EPIC!

Alex Iglecia

“I generated over $25,000 in new client sales in the first month of the program!”

“Before working with Jesse and Sharla I was so overwhelmed with my business that I felt like I was drowning. I was working with so many different modalities, people didn’t know who to refer to me and I was barely making enough to pay my bills.

At the initial weekend workshop I realized that while I had invested tens of thousands of dollars in my personal growth I had never invested anything in business training! I had a burning desire to make a big difference in the world and realized I needed the nuts and bolts and the right community in order to be successful.

In the Client Attraction Mastery program I learned Heartselling and how to not give away my services for free. I raised my prices and connected to the value of what I have to offer. I generated over $25,000 in new client sales in the first month of the program!

I am so grateful to the Thrive programs and community. I feel as if I am part of a family. Jesse and Sharla are incredible role models of what is possible when coming from the heart.”

Amy Cheryl, A.P.P

Adryenn Ashley“In the 8 months following Speaker, I earned an additional $200,000 in my platform speaking/workshop business!”

When I signed up for the Six Figure Speaker program, I had a hard time asking for money, for doing what I loved, without feeling like a hooker. I was already a successful keynote speaker and media darling, and had many opportunities to speak on stages across the country. But making an offer from the stage always made my palms sweat, my knees weak and my voice quiver. My body language gave away how uncomfortable I was asking to get paid and my sales were dismal. I happily gave it all away during my talk and even more afterwards by coaching attendees one-on-one, still never asking for the sale.

And while I already had a successful six figure business, the private clients I had were taking all my time. I wasn’t scale-able.

Six Figure Speaker - the program, the templates, the community, the connections - changed all that for me.

In the month in between the 2 Live Event weekends I booked 10 speaking engagements. The first time I delivered my talk, using the templates, I earned $7,500. (And this was just 19 days after the first weekend!) Overall I earned almost $40,000 in those 10 talks alone, and it's still one of my most popular and profitable talks.

Then four months after Speaker I delivered my newly re-branded 2-Day workshop, “Red Carpet Results” to a packed audience and filled my coaching program by making an offer from the stage. (I now feel empowered and able to ASK for the business!) In the 8 months following Speaker, I earned an additional $200,000 in my platform speaking/workshop business!

And the benefits don’t stop there. The connections and support I experience through the Thrive community have blown me away. The people who support my workshops in the back of the room come from this community (and ensure a successful event given that they are using all that we learned at Six Figure Speaker!); and many of my most powerful JV partners come from this community.

Thank you, Jesse and Sharla, and the Thrive Community, for launching the new ME!”

Adryenn Ashley

“ biggest monthly income so far has been $56,000... working only 15 days in the month!”

“Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I was feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. I was only working one-on-one with clients, long hours and just making a couple thousand dollars per month. I wanted to reach more people, leverage my time and make more money.

During the Six Figure Speaker program, I saw how I could impact more people and make a bigger difference in the world. It gave me the confidence I needed and I TRIPLED then DOUBLED my business again. I jumped into six figures with ease.

I earned $6,000 in 15 minute presentations more than once! And my biggest monthly income so far has been $56,000... working only 15 days in the month!

All this done with integrity, heart and authenticity! Many thanks, Jesse and Sharla, for your amazing programs, and your big hearts.”

Nathalie Ekobo, MBA, International Speaker, Intuitive, Business Consultant

“...there was only ONE set of mentors I would consider: Jesse Koren and Sharla Jacobs.”

“If you're going to add live events to your business AND you want to sell from the stage, you MUST have speaker training - it's non-negotiable! I'm super-picky about mentors, but when it came time to learn these skills, there was only ONE set of mentors I would consider: Jesse Koren and Sharla Jacobs.

Shortly after I completed their Six Figure Speaker program, I hosted my first event for 12 of my clients. Even though I made some mistakes, my offer resulted in $36,000 of additional business! The skills I learned from Jesse and Sharla allowed me to recover quickly from my mistakes and stay focused without getting triggered. Best of all, my participants LOVED the event and created amazing breakthroughs for themselves.

Jesse and Sharla hold NOTHING back. I've invested in a lot of sales trainings, and I can honestly say that no other trainer I've experienced has matched their generosity. You will learn gems that you can use in ANY sales situation, including one-on-one Heartselling and teleseminars.

Now, I'm thrilled to report that I'm hosting my first major live event in June of 2012. It's 3 days - a big commitment and huge leap of faith! But I feel 1000% confident, thanks to Jesse and Sharla. I believe that ANYONE who leads workshops or does group selling of any kind can benefit from this outstanding training. Thank you, Jesse and Sharla - you rock and I love you!”

Elizabeth Purvis, The Marketing Goddess

“I knew I just needed the right blueprint.”

Before working with Jesse and Sharla I was working 60+ hours a week and making about $40,000 a year. Ugh! Every day was a painful struggle and I questioned everything. I knew I just needed the right blueprint.

And I found that blueprint in their programs! I used their systems and strategies to launch my last business and made $160,000 in my first year. I decided to return again this year as I just launched my brand new platform in January. I made well over $18,000 my first month just using Heartselling alone.

Thank you, Jesse and Sharla, for being who you are in the world. I use the templates, the structure, and the strategies in everything I do to be a success. 7-Figures here I come!

Michelle Van Otten

“I was able to go from creating a brand new business to creating a six figure business in less than one year.”

“The Get Leverage program was the single most important program I have ever taken to both get my information out to more women as well as create a thriving business. The principles are now in my bones.

It’s because of the Leverage principles that I was able to go from creating a brand new business to creating a six figure business in less than one year. It also helped me to re-frame my business so that I am no longer burned out from 1-on-1 coaching.

My info-products and teleseminars have allowed me to coach people from all over the world over the phone, as well as has made me over six figures in a fraction of the time it would have taken me to enroll clients 1-on-1.”

Bella Shing

Kristen_Moeller150x150"I have made over $25,000 in just a few months after beginning with Thrive...”

“Relief barely begins to describe my experience! I went from confusion, overwhelm and resignation about my business to clarity, purpose, passion and success! I have become one of those success stories that until now, I almost couldn't believe. I have made over $25,000 in just a few months after beginning with Thrive and have added a total of 11 new clients into my 6-month program!

My gratitude is immeasurable. I have truly transformed my business--without you this would NOT be happening. You are the teachers I have been waiting for and your training is the roadmap I have been seeking. Today, I referred another person to you guys. Thank you for your extraordinary contribution to me and to my clients. My heartfelt and glowing recommendations will continue!”

Kristen Moeller, Bestselling Author and Author Coach

“In the Get Leverage program I made my son my #1 priority.”

"Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I had totally given up on my happiness. I was devastated both financially and emotionally, after leaving an abusive relationship (and I was pregnant). There were moments I loved being a Mother, and many others when I absolutely hated it. I didn't accept any type of support and was stressed out, always asking, “When do I have time to work and make money for us?” I secretly dreamed that my son and I would be rescued by a wealthy Prince Charming and all the worry would go away.

In the Get Leverage program I made my son my #1 priority. That inspired and motivated me to develop a group program (my six step signature Money Detox program) to create financial freedom for myself AND my clients. I offered my program at Leverage and earned $1,873 in 75 seconds! And then I launched this program and went on to make over $34,000 in six weeks!

I am so excited to be helping heart-based business owners handle their money stuff so they can make the huge difference they are here to make. I have my power back and have become the person I was waiting to be rescued by…It all really can be easy.”

Laura M. Lamprecht, CPA
Tax and Accounting Shaman

Paul Benson“I generated $56,000 in new income – in a month!”

“Attending Mastery gave me some amazing resources that I used to transition from an existing business into my new entrepreneurial venture. I used the Heart Selling method along with some of the success skill sets we teach clients in our coaching work to soar and generate $56,000 in new income in my first month.

The level of commitment I set for myself was unwavering and armed with Thrive Academy's templates, it helped me go beyond what I expected. And the result was coming in at FIRST PLACE in the Mastery Game we all played! The accomplishment inspired me so much that I've written a short e-book with my wife, Carol all about what I did to win the game and grow my business to new heights.”


Thank you for the opportunity to improve my skill sets

Paul Benson

“Knowing I have created a career doing what I am meant to do and earn a living doing it has changed my life forever!”

“I had just quit my successful corporate job to launch my dream business when I first discovered Jesse and Sharla. I had 1 client and was earning $750 per month. I was scared and worried that I’d have to go back to working a J.O.B. that I hated, giving up on my lifelong dream of teaching, motivating, and inspiring people to be their very best.

Through Jesse and Sharla’s programs I got the tools and support I needed to create a six figure business. My best sales month so far has been $10,450! Knowing I have created a career doing what I am meant to do and earn a living doing it has changed my life forever!”

Susan Berke, Business Coach

Leslie_Oldershaw“In the first month of the program, I earned $19,600.”

"Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I already had a successful fertility acupuncture practice for 20 years. I found the work very fulfilling, yet I had a strong desire to bring that work to a larger audience. As a clinician seeing patients one-on-one, I was limited to 75 - 80 office visits per week. I joined Thrive Academy to learn how to reach a larger audience by working one-to-many.

"During the Client Attraction Mastery Program, I learned the art of Heartselling, which has given me the foundation to start forming Joint Venture partnerships. This not only supports my current private practice; it's also helping me reach more women and start setting up my business to work one-to-many.

"In the first month of the program, I earned $19,600. And I am just getting started! I still have two additional Thrive Programs to learn from this year, and I am confident that the strategies Jesse and Sharla offer are going to help me fulfill my lifelong commitment of helping as many women as possible achieve their goal of having healthy, happy babies."

Leslie Oldershaw, L.Ac. East Bay Fertility Acupuncturist

“In my first 30 days of the program I earned $10,000...”

“Before Client Attraction Mastery I was earning less than $2000/month and working with 5 clients a week. In my first 30 days of the program I earned $10,000 and helped 10 more people get out of pain. It is wonderful to realize how much of a difference I can make in peoples lives, and how appreciative they are that I can help. With Heartselling, everyone wins. I now make more, work less and enjoy having more time to travel.”

Vondette E. Brinson, AdvCBP, LMT

“The first week after the Client Attraction Mastery Launch Event I earned $15,000.”

Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I was frustrated, struggling, and burning out. I wasn't reaching the clients, nor doing the depth of work, I had always felt called to do. While I was earning $8K a month with 10 clients, I knew there was more.

In my first Thrive program, I had a powerful coaching experience with Jesse that helped me discover what was holding me back in making a stronger connection with my (potential) clients.

The breakthrough coupled with the templates and Heartselling strategies helped me grow my business easily and effortlessly. The first week after the Client Attraction Mastery Launch Event I earned $15,000. Within a month I earned over $39,000!

I am now planning a month of workshops in Australia and the classes are filling easily. My private practice is full and I have 4 books in the works to be published. I increased my prices and more people came to work with me. I am loving what I do even more. I'm just getting started and have everything to look forward to in creating the wildest success of my dreams.”

Dr. Lisa Cooney, MFT
Life Empowerment Institute

EmilyLevy“I made $8,000 in sales in one hour!”

“Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I was struggling to find a lucrative niche. Although I had run a successful home-based business for 19 years, I was ready to build something new that used more of my skills, creativity, and passion for justice. While I had exciting ideas, I felt hopeless about ever being paid well for my expertise.

In Client Attraction Mastery I figured out a lucrative niche! I was shocked that I actually tripled my income in the 90 days. And in my first workshop following the system I learned in 6-Figure Speaker, I made $8,000 in sales in one hour! That was more than I’d ever made in a month.

Thrive taught me to stand in the value of my services, and as a result, my business and reputation continue to grow and strengthen as I support entrepreneurs working for a better world.

The biggest gem I learned in the program is the importance of presenting myself to the world in ways that say, "I take myself seriously and expect you to take me seriously, too!" I'll be forever grateful to Thrive for helping me step into my power, and for the wonderful community we are all creating, which continues to be the source of not only support, but wonderful clients and referrals.”

Emily Levy 

Technical, Creative, and Coaching Services 

To Launch, Elevate and Sustain Your Solo Online Business 

MellissaSeaman“I went from losing my ENTIRE savings to earning $10,000 a month doing the spiritual work I love!”

“Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I had just lost my ENTIRE savings and business property in a economic-collapse related foreclosure.  I was making about $2,000 a month in my “on the side” shamanic healing practice, and that was not enough to support myself and my kids in San Diego.  

With the money stress, my health was deteriorating, I was feeling hopeless, and in the midst of all that, I lost my marriage. And you know what?  I’m so glad I was desperate.  Because that’s what it took for me to get serious -- and get successful!

I set aside my “no debt” policy to invest in my business, and put Jesse and Sharla’s programs on a credit card.  I’d spent well over $100K on college at Stanford, and $65K on law school, and yet (at a time I really “couldn’t afford it”) I needed to pay these guys to teach me how to do business.  It was humbling.  And it was one of my best decisions ever.

After Client Attraction Mastery, I easily doubled my practice, doing HeartSelling Conversations.  I relaxed into knowing that I now had the tools to literally control how many one-on-one clients I had.

Now, I make over $10,000 a month, and I love traveling in my RV whenever I want, living in my beach cottage in San Diego, and shopping stress free.  

I love making money helping other spiritual entrepreneurs have real impact. And my favorite thing is reading the thank you notes that roll in daily from my clients!  I get so excited by this, because I know in my heart that we spiritually-inspired entrepreneurs are the ones who can change this world, if only our messages and teachings can get OUT there, and if only we can stay resourced by getting paid and respected enough. 

Jesse and Sharla modeled this truth for me.  I know we are changing the world.  And that is the biggest paycheck I could ever hope for.”

Mellissa Seaman
The Spiritual Entrepreneur’s Mentor 

“Now I know how to sell my paintings without being quiet OR pushy!”

"Before working with Jesse and Sharla I was ready to throw in the towel on my art business. While I had experienced considerable success in the 80's and 90's as a professional artist, in the last 7-8 years I hit a wall, felt hopeless in business, and blamed the economy. So I was feeling rather cynical and sorry for myself at the [Summit]!

And I'm so glad I signed up for more support! Through their programs I learned so much about how to sell from a place of service. I had always been afraid of being pushy (especially since I can be so enthusiastic) and ended up being quiet and demure with sales! Now I know how to sell my paintings without being quiet OR pushy!

I also learned how powerful it is to be able to stand in the "tension" of a sale. I used to always make a joke and that would cost me the YES! Now I am clear, present to my customer's needs, upfront with my prices, and proudly envision and await a "yes" to my offers.

Within the first two months following the [Six Figure Speaker] program I earned $21,500 through sales and commissions of my art! My earnings this year alone have shot through the roof and are due to be more than triple the last three years combined!

I am so grateful for all the support I have gained from Jesse and Sharla and this community. THANK YOU!"

Andrea Fono

Image of Jenny Knowles“I more than doubled my income… my best months to date brought in over $11,000 in sales!!”

“Before Thrive, I loved helping my clients gain confidence and transform their beliefs to have a more relaxed, healthy, and financially abundant lifestyle. The best results were achieved with clients who worked with me for at least 6 months, even though I was only charging month-to-month. I was too scared to ask for a six-month commitment up front. As a result, many of my clients weren’t receiving the full potential of what they were capable of, and my monthly income was maddeningly erratic.

I'd have good months and bad months, but never know what to expect.  At its worst, I stretched the limits of my credit cards and dipped into my retirement account when my income lagged during slower months.

“During Client Attraction Mastery, I became clear about what I was already doing well and I learned to stand more in my value.  More importantly, I began to see that I hadn’t been standing up for my clients by not offering a 6-month commitment. With my new confidence, and the motivation to reach out to even more people, I was totally surprised by what I found: when given the option my potential clients happily purchased the longer commitment, knowing they wanted my support and expertise for an extended period of time.

“As a result of this discovery I have more than doubled my income, build a more consistent flow of revenue, and now have a waiting list of clients. All of this came about without ONE change in technology or other investment in marketing.   I recently had two of my best months ever with over $11,000 in sales in each month. Thank you Jesse and Sharla!  The coaching and skills you have given me are priceless!”

Jenny Knowles
Professional & Personal Growth Consulting

“I was inspired to get into action IMMEDIATELY!”

“Before discovering Jesse and Sharla, I felt trapped. I was running a successful print and promotion business AND had established myself as a speaker and trainer as my avocation, yet I wasn't doing what I really wanted to be doing... earning a great living working as a speaker and a trainer. Yet I didn't know how to make this shift. I had been trained to deliver other people's stuff. I didn't know how to develop content or find my own clients.

It was in Jesse and Sharla's programs that I had my turning point. Not only did I learn a step-by-step system for how to come up with my own content and find my own clients, I also was inspired to get into action IMMEDIATELY! Within one month after the first Live Event I had delivered my very own workshop. I was now on the path for getting paid to take the stage!

Within 1 year, my new training company was earning six figures and surpassed the revenue I had been making in my print and promotion business. Within 18 months that doubled! On average, I earn $20,000 - 40,000 at my weekend workshops. I've also grown from being a solo entrepreneur to hiring a team of 5 to support the growth of both businesses.

I'm so passionate about making such a huge difference. I love helping entrepreneurs and small business owners find their power and greater success in their businesses. I often feel like a little kid who never wants to go to bed because I'm having so much fun with my business! Thank you, Jesse and Sharla!”

Mark Hoover

“Thrive has helped me get out of my own way so that I can focus consistently on serving from the heart."

"Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I felt great about helping people eat food they love and still achieve their ideal weight. But I was struggling to accept money for the value I delivered.

As of January 2012 I was only bringing in about $3000 per month. I was so uncomfortable with the money conversation that when one client asked me how much I charge, I told him "whatever you think."

In the Client Attraction Mastery program I really learned how to stand in my value. As I did

that, I began to create results with my clients beyond anything I imagined. Before they were happy, but now they tell me they're getting more than they ever expected from a coach -- freedom from emotional eating, a healthy relationship with food, and rapidly losing weight without killing themselves at the gym.

Now I have a full practice. My highest earning month so far has been $12,000. Thrive has helped me get out of my own way so that I can focus consistently on serving from the heart."

Katharine Pike, Holistic Health Coach

susan_headshot“I earned $13,200 as a coach AND my manufacturing company had $15,338 in new sales - all in the first month of the programs!”

“When I first started working with Jesse and Sharla, I had three paying clients in my coaching practice and was earning less than $300 a month. My 25 year manufacturing business that I run with my husband was at a low point. And I felt frustrated and resigned. I didn’t know how to break away from my “desk job” in my own company and make a difference (and more money) with my speaking.

In the Client Attraction Mastery program I had the breakthrough I needed - I finally valued myself and what I offer. Coupled with my new Heartselling skills and all the templates, I earned $13,200 as a coach AND my manufacturing company had $15,338 in new sales - all in the first month of the programs! I have also found powerful JV partners, along with tons of support, in this community. Thank you!”

Susan Kerby
Wingman for the Motivational Speaker

“I gained the confidence and tools I needed to grow a more leveraged business.”

“Before working with Sharla and Jesse, I was working one-on-one with clients struggling every month to create a steady flow of income. This was very stressful because I am a single parent, solely responsible for supporting myself and my kids.

I decided to invest in the Platinum Program. By doing all three programs, I gained the confidence and tools I needed to grow a more leveraged business.

I now have 2 information products (Thriving Together: 5 Secrets to a Child Friendly Divorce and Virtual Training System for Professionals: 5 Keys to Bringing Self Awareness to the Table) and have started a year-long program for divorcing parents. I now have a steady flow of income, earning around $14,000 in my best months. And I am on track to earning six figures this year! All the while serving more people and doing what I love to make the world a safer, gentler, more compassionate place for children of divorce.

Thanks, Jesse and Sharla, for your inspiration and support. And thanks Missy and Megan for your coaching and guidance along the way. It's a great team!”

Cat J. Zavis, J.D., M.A.

“I'm literally making twice the money in half the time sharing my gifts with way more than twice as many people...”

“At my lowest point before working with Thrive Academy I was working over 60 hours a week and barely making $5K/month. I felt incredibly unfulfilled with the way I was working and wasn’t having a large-scale impact in the ways I wanted to. I was helping my clients grow their businesses with simple systems and strategies yet was missing some key pieces to take my own business to the next level.

I’ve already completely redesigned my business, AND my life, thanks to the concepts taught (in such an effective manner) in Six Figure Speaker. I’ve made phenomenal connections and reaped the benefits of being completely supported by a like-minded community. Now I’m working where and when I want with my ideal clients and am able to serve more people more efficiently. As a result I’m having a much larger impact.

In the second weekend of Six Figure Speaker I had the opportunity to present my virtual program, “Overwhelmed to Organized” from the stage. In 12 minutes on stage I made $5,000 and I had at least another $5,000 in client sales as a direct result of contacts made in the program. That’s a total of over $10,000 in 30 days or less… and I’m just getting started!

This past month I broke the $10,000 mark and I'm on track for earning six figures, while working LESS than 40 hours/week! I'm literally making twice the money in half the time sharing my gifts with way more than twice as many people - it's a win-win for everyone. I have so much more time to be creative and deliver even more results to my growing list of private clients.

Six Figure Speaker is such an amazing compilation of templates, coaching, accountability, networking, motivation, support… this list truly goes on and on. Thank you!

Sara Flowers, Business Growth Consultant

Tomasa-Macapinlac“My life is unrecognizable from a few years ago...”

“I have fully stepped into my purpose as a transformational leader working just 4 days each week. My clients rave about the changes in their lives and most of my clients keep re-booking. I now have the time and money to travel and enjoy my life.”


Tomasa Macapinlac, Self-Care Queen

"We’re now making over $200,000 a year in a brand new business."

“When we came to Thrive, we had a pretty successful private practice, but we were working so hard, we hadn’t taken a vacation in years! If we didn’t see patients, we didn’t make money and couldn’t maintain our lifestyle.

More important is that we had a vision to do something really big where we could impact lots more people than was possible just seeing patients one-on-one. Thrive programs helped us go from one-on-one work to working with hundreds of more clients at any given time. We created our first group program, where we can lead calls from anywhere in the world. We’ve led our program from Mexico and even from lake Tahoe in between ski slopes! And we’re now making over $200,000 a year in a brand new business.

The best part is that our clients have lost over 4,000 lbs collectively.

What we learned at Thrive allows us to make a huge difference and even earn a living while we’re sleeping and on vacation. What used to be a pipe dream is now a reality for us - and we know we’re going to be leaving a legacy.”

Tom Yarema, MD and Sumer Joy, CEO

Tina_Ebrahimian“We brought in over $562,000 the month after I started this program.”

"Before working with Jesse & Sharla, I felt burned out and discouraged when month after month I wasn't meeting my financial goals. It got to the point where I just completely stopped tracking our numbers when I was unable to fill our schedule to capacity.

"During the Client Attraction Mastery Program, I learned that tracking my business numbers was KEY to our success. I felt so relieved having the templates and learning Heartselling. This program helped clear my mind so that I could prioritize and take my practice to the next level. Finally, I was excited to be at work once again!

"In the middle of the first quarter (after planning two seminars and Heartselling to many new patients), I tallied our numbers and was so excited to see that we're on track to reach our financial goals! We brought in over $562,000 (our best month so far) the month after I started this program. And we plan to gift our team members with a bonus, too, something we have not done in years. I am so excited to see what this year will bring utilizing all of the skills I learned. I now look forward to every conversation with a potential client!"

Tina Ebrahimian
Business Manager/Owner of Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry

Deepika240“I’m going on a 3 week vacation in Hawaii...”

“Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I had a small somatic coaching practice but lots of big dreams. I knew I wanted to reach a lot more people and offer programs, but with a small list and limited network I didn't know how to even start. I was working lots of hours making very little money.

“Through the Thrive programs I got insights, tools and a vision of what was possible. I connected with amazing people, and being part of the community opened partnerships and friendships with people who supported me to play a much bigger game. I finally learned how to talk about what I do in an inspiring way, and got templates for selling from my heart to a group. Jesse and Sharla were the wind behind my back, encouraging me to speak and lead weekend workshops for myself.

“And it’s all paid off! I just launched my first six-month group program, making over $20,000 by offering the deep emotional healing work that I love. I am now comfortable having conversations with clients about $3,000 or $5,000 investments, knowing that it's totally worth it for the value they get. This summer I'm going on a 3 week vacation in Hawaii, with full trust that my business will continue to thrive while I relax.

“Most of all, I am so happy to help more people discover their authentic, empowered, loving self. I am transforming people's lives and hearts the way I have always dreamed of. And in my best month so far I made $23,732 in sales. I am so grateful to the Thrive Community for helping me share my gifts with the world!”

Deepika Sheleff

lauraFine“I doubled my prices and actually doubled enrollment!”

"Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I struggled to get enough students to fill a class. I was tired of under-charging for private clients, and overworking as a therapist, healer, teacher, administrator, bookkeeper and marketer. I loved all my roles but was wearing so many hats, I was exhausted. I was teetering financially.

At the Client Attraction Summit I took a leap of faith and invested in the Six Figure Speaker Program. Through that program I finally understood why people weren't signing up for my classes, and more importantly, how to communicate the value so they would sign up. And once I put this understanding into action, they did sign up!

I also hired a few key people to join my team so I could focus in on what I do best, and end the cycle of exhaustion. I also stopped under-charging myself. I doubled my prices and actually doubled enrollment! Our monthly revenue had doubled from about $5,000 to $10,000 per month. Now our classes are filled, and students are committing to year long certification training programs with us.

My staff and students are required to read, "The Art of Client Attraction," and attend the Client Attraction Summit before they graduate so they can learn to market themselves and have a practice they can enter into soon after they graduate.

I can't thank Jesse and Sharla enough for their brilliant guidance in helping hundreds and thousands of people bring their healing gifts to the world!"

Laura Fine, Director, Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing

scottMills“In the first 2 months of the Thrive programs I earned $57,000...”

“When I started my practice 7 years ago, I felt like my business was more of a hobby. I couldn't seem to figure out how to attract clients, even though I was doing some really amazing work. I was afraid that I was going to have to go "get a job" because no matter what strategy I tried, I couldn't get any traction.

“Through the programs with Jesse and Sharla, I refined how I talk about what I do, and learned how to speak with greater power and clarity. Attracting clients is no longer a problem. I now have clients seeking me out! I'm also standing more in the value of what I offer, and have increased my rates - and my clients are excited to pay this (and they feel like they're getting a great deal!).

“I've now shifted my focus to doing group programs because I simply don't have time to see any more individual clients. I have a six month waiting list for new clients to work with me individually. In the first 2 months of the Thrive programs I earned $57,000! And to celebrate I bought myself a red Miata!

“Thank you, Jesse and Sharla!”

Scott Mills, Ph.D.

JoyceAnastasia“I have tripled my business and am having a greater impact.”

“Although I had a successful business before working with Jesse and Sharla, I was starting over on the West Coast and struggling to promote myself. I had all these limiting beliefs about “selling” that held me back.

“Through their programs, I learned how to promote my work in a heart-felt way that helped me overcome my limiting beliefs about selling. I also discovered new ways for reaching more people, which has helped me move from working with clients one-on-one to offering programs and doing speaking engagements.

“Since doing their programs, I have tripled my business and am having a greater impact. My best month so far has been $10,050. And I have gained a beautiful community of friends and colleagues as well.”

Joyce Anastasia

LillianKelly“In the last month of the program, I earned $23,000!”

“Before participating in the Thrive Academy programs, I was burning out with my psychotherapy practice. I had been in private practice for over 23 years. My practice had diminished in the last couple of years, yet I wasn’t motivated to do anything to get it going again. I was only earning about $3,000/month.

“Doing the Thrive Programs helped me tap into my inspiration again! I realized that I can build my practice with my IDEAL CLIENTS - people who I ENJOY working with! I feel a growing confidence in knowing that I can work with people who are really motivated to do the in-depth body/mind therapy that I do. I am clearly communicating to clients what I do and what it takes to get the kind of results that they desire. I am asking them to commit to the work they need to do and they are committing to the work more than ever before. They are booking packages now rather than just one session at a time. (And I am NO LONGER working with clients I don’t enjoy, and who are not my ideal clients!)

I have more than doubled my practice! In the last month of the program, I earned $23,000! Even more important to me is that I now have a practice of only my ideal clients and am inspired and excited about the work that I am doing, and the people I am working with.”

Lillian Kelly, M.A., R.C.C.

JoyceRosenblad“I am having a blast, knowing that I’m making a huge impact on my clients...!”

“Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I was struggling to keep my image consulting business afloat. I knew I was making a big difference for the few clients I had, but I didn’t have the tools or confidence to grow my business. I ended up taking on a part-time job just to make ends meet. I was discouraged and depleted.

“So when a friend of mine told me about the Client Attraction Summit, I decided to go. I was so blown away by Jesse and Sharla’s enthusiasm, success stories, and amazing content, I couldn’t ignore that burning sensation in my core propelling me to sign up for their programs!

“In the Client Attraction Mastery Program, the breakthroughs I had, coupled with the templates they provided, gave me what I needed to more than double my practice. And it was the Six Figure Speaker program that really took me - and my business - to the next level. After that program I was finally able to quit my part-time job. I moved to LA (a dream of mine!) yet still return to Minneapolis to do work with clients. My biggest sales month so far has been $13,000 and I am definitely on my way to six figures!

“Through it all, I am having a blast, knowing that I’m making a huge impact on my clients’ lives as I help them discover their authentic style and feel confident in all their interactions, both personally and professionally. I know I would not be where I am today had I not taken that bold leap of faith and signed up for Jesse and Sharla’s programs.”

Joyce Rosenblad

JonBlock“From $1,500 a month to $12,000 in 3 weeks!”

“ Before working with Jesse and Sharla, I was earning around $1,500 per month and having no business model whatsoever. I wanted to serve, but either felt really pushy or like a total pushover during sales.
In taking Client Attraction Mastery, I learned the 5 elements of Heartselling and the result was I earned over $12,000 in 3 weeks. My whole life changed. I joined Platinum and Lifetime shortly afterwards, was placed in the Top 10 for Six Figure Speaker and won the Money Game when I repeated Client Attraction Mastery. 

I feel deeply aligned with my purpose and grateful to be having consistent 5-figure months by helping coaches to discover their niche, create their packages, and dramatically increase their income.

Thank you SO MUCH Jesse and Sharla for your mentorship and the community you've created.”

Jon Block

Tbird“I earned $10,000 in 3 weeks!”

“Although I had gone through a lot of business programs before meeting Jesse and Sharla, I still wasn't having the results (and making the money) I wanted. I started to get nervous about how much more money I'd have to invest in my business before I'd get a return. I even got insecure at times and questioned what was wrong with me. I had the "right information, the right mindset and the right attitude" to have a successful business, yet no matter how many of the right pieces I had in place, I was frustrated that all my hard work wasn’t paying off.

“And then I did the Client Attraction Mastery program, and when I followed their Heartselling system, I earned $10,000 in 3 weeks! Jesse and Sharla are masters of the art of selling. They taught me their simple step-by-step process (which involves TEMPLATES!) and as a result, I made more money than I ever had before in such a short period of time.

“It was simple. It was authentic. It didn't feel pushy or fake and it wasn't rocket science. All I had to do was follow their templates and BAM...I made MORE money! Just like that!! Thank you, Jesse and Sharla! Now that I've added your magic to my mix, I've become a powerhouse!”

Big thanks and deep bow,
Tonya Ridgely aka Tbird Luv